50 Cent - Don't Turn On Me (Warning You) Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Don't Turn On Me (Warning You) Lyrics
[Hook: Skylar Grey]
When they say my time is up
And I am just collecting dust
Don't turn on me
Don't turn on me
And when they claim that I'm washed up
Or when my guns begin to rust
I'm warning you
Don't turn on me

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
December 9, '97 I told Jay I'm gonna' blow
Failing's not an option, my son's turning twenty-one years old
I wrote a verse about the night I just spent in Central bookings
Cause my grandpa coffee pot had cocaine cookin'
Fast forward my grind, 9-8-'99 more eigths more O's
Broken in nickels and dimes
I told nigga I'd make it, they was doubting me then
Picture me zonin' on the park bench pushin' my pit
Who needs enemies my friend?keep shootin' my friends
They takin' hits now, they'll blow your brains out for a biz
Call me a dreamer, cause I could see myself on top
Word to Sabrina, I'm gettin' my ass off this block


[Verse 2: 50 Cent]
No no no no no, dont dont dont dont dont
Aint it funny how the niggas I came up wasn't bumpin' me
Product of the slum, I guess its misery loves company
Told mama when I be something to believe in
They was more concerned who was rollin' up the weed did
Jay & Jay didn't work, neither did Columbia
Got shot, got dropped, one helluva summer huh?
One year recovery feel like a bag of broken bones
Bill collectors come around thats when you know you're on your own
Strap the vest, cock the chrome, they countin' me out, I'mma show em
I fought my way out of mother f*ckin' corners before
I'm better under pressure I'm built for it
Been the under dog all my life, I'm still here boy


[Verse 3: 50 Cent]
Em and Dre gave me a shot and I ran with it
Homie in the cell saying "damn, my man did it"
Get Rich Or Die Trying made it to the top
I'm fightin' off my competition trying not to drop
It seems like no one seen him f*ckin' with the key
All they see was me tryna take off their f*ckin' head
They don't see the slap, all they hear is the shot
As soon as somebody hit, I'm sure they'll run to the cops
I'm not a bully of the East, if I don't start no beef
I meet aggression with aggression, I learned that on the streets
I see em frontin' on they blogs, sayin' I'm done
Like I aint got that flow they know be number one

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