50 Cent - I Line Niggaz Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

I Line Niggaz Lyrics
I Line Niggaz I Do My Homework I Find Niggaz Soon As They Get Dat Dey My Niggaz
You Bring Dat Bullshit By My Niggaz YA DIE DIE NIGGA DIE!

[Verse 1:]
I Wipe All Over The Innerstate My Man Blew Ya Man Away Did Em' Dirty And Ran Away
Whos The Next Canditate Get Hit With The Canagrenade(HEY)
You Little Niggaz Wanna Play We Can Go Back And Forth With Florice Jay
Go Hop In The Rental Car Pull Away Smooth Get Dat Truck And Dat Working
And We Hit Ya With The Tube Nigga Whos Sellin' Bags For More Things On The Strip
I Got Dat Lama N' The Strap Pistol Leaving With A Whip


[Verse 2:]
First I'll Find Your Bitch Freeze Then We Find Her Nailshop Now Would You Looka Here
We Done Found Your Mamas Spot It's So Easy Damn I'm Greasy Goons Don't Use All Dat Tool
They Sneasy Yeah It's Summer Now Good Time To Hunt You Down Keep The Pump Around
Catch Em' We Gon Slug Em Now Timing Is Everything I Plot It Out Perfect
Drop A Bag Off For My Niggaz Just To Keep Em' Working

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