50 Cent - I'm On It Like That Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

I'm On It Like That Lyrics
Ladies man...
This faggot here talking about he wanna fight
I f*ck yo ass up yo
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
I started out with more than a dolla in the dream
Three in the hand grams in the pistol, naa I mean?
Ya'll niggas know me man I don't give a f*ck
From day one, a nigga just trynna come up
Rings around my table, cups never in the coast though
Trigger finger soaked, pistol never in the holster
Five hundred grams, then stars get to choppin
30 inch special with the grip get to poppin
My lifestyle is impeccable, I hurt you niggas
Such a fat ass lie, now I'm on you nigga
You turn on your tv, you see me on the screen
You throws off, fat f*ck, see me in your dreams
If I don't see you with the scope, I'm a see you with the beam
And when you see the yellow tape, you can see the crime scene
You can mark, see the spot, then you know what I mean
In the day or in the dark, I put that work in, B

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I'm on it like that,
Look like that,
You made like that,
Pussy fat nigga f*cking with me
I roll with the strap,
Sip on the yak,
Watch your back,
Pussy bar really f*cking with me

[Verse 2: Lloyd Banks]
Louis cotton can't stand a stand up nigga
You gettin money, get your hands up nigga
Go figure
Figure out a way to get yo home
They swagger dagger so I switch cologne
Use a different tone or get hit with chrome
You ain't touchin me, no way homes
Throw shots you gon pay for em
Name banks, the POK
And my BI, the DL way
Go play


[Verse 3: Tony Yayo]
You ladies like wrestin?
Everything is fake
But it's a good pussy-getter and the cast is great
The rap game
The grim reaper koya
Lil niggas like game think they the ultimate warrior
Fat niggas like joe think they andre the giant
I put my ruper in his face, his fat ass will be quiet
Jayz, one dolla man, that is nas virtue
Nigga drop me out the show with my goons and murk you


[Verse 4: Young Buck]
Charlie got a string on it
Gage got a beam on it
Niggas tell me he don't want it
I'm a hit him up anyway ok-k
Til wanna meet with my essays
Burritos and kilos, I get it back the next day
Buck - he gon rap a wife nigga tonight
Anything is possible if the price is right
She want the nigga to own that big home you rentin
Hope the nigga get the lil money you gettin
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