50 Cent - Lifetime Achievement Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Lifetime Achievement Lyrics
[50 Cent:]
Yea... I like da thank everybody,
Da haterz, ma fans... (wow),

It's been five years man,
3 albums, 30 million copies you gotta love it,

Ah-real ah really never thought I would be here,
First n foremost I'd like da thank god...
For making me special!

You know niggas wanna kill me I stay in drama
Ah say uh prayer for me homie-naa pray for obama

Ain't nuthin change dem rednecks got dem 44 magz
Kkk mask n confederate flags

Black man n da office you know dey gon flip
Like anna mae hand me my rifle start da go da shit,
But bill o'riely call me uh pinhead 4 sayin dat shit,
Well him n oprah winfrey both can suck on sum dick,

Dey said I sniff coke n co-cohay shit
Man I don't get high
Dey said I slept with tracy edmonds dat was uh cool lie,
And da steroids musta made ma money longer
Ma revocal stronger
Timbaland beats harder

Try da write through da scripts
Wyclef make dem hits
If ah ain't know I wasn't cool I run n get sum shit

Ah wannabe hot like me
Ah wannbe on top like me,
I'm tryna get gwap like me... me

[Tony Yayo:]
Yea... it's funny how time flys life turn into memories
And ah can't vote too many felonies
N if I could I wouldn't vote for hilary,
Man uh bitch rule da world man ya kiddin me

Niggaz try da kill me on 3 different occassions
Ah guess das life wen niggaz jus haten

Came along way from slingin dope n da hard white
N ma neighbors don't speak (why) dey all white

N da homies don't speak now cause I'm rich now
Ma life is hermay haze n crystal
N manage trois out n moscow
Ah got dem trojan magnums n lifestyle

Ah know I'm feelin so creflow
You see we all ain't ballin but we bless though
Ma niggaz let's go
Gotta get respects fo'
You can getta uh check hoe
Ain't like god emailin niggaz no death notes
Purple label taggs cardi'airz n all uh dem designer bagz
It's sumthin you might want but not wut chu gotta have
Deez kids want money nigga fuk uh autograph
How can you be mad wen dey jus follow n yo path
Ya look n laugh at niggaz eattin out da trash
But shit change fast look at yo ass

Da real niggaz last we all been through it
Ah except dis award on behave uh da unit k

Ah gottabe one uh da top 5 black writers
Out n all switch side da support from back writers

Now dey tellin me ah can't say nigga, nigga please
All ah need is incredible trees n bigger keyz
Ah slide through da p's
Neck like mr. t's
N it's 99 degrees but ma wrist on freeze
I'll risk it all for da love uh da doe
So ma mother can go where she ain't gotta hear shots
We shed enough tear drops
Ah gotta thank god before ah thank uh soul
For blessin me with da flow, n uh game da break uh hoe
Ah turn da uh transformer before ah turn on 50
Ah tote blicke n ah burn off sticky fuk with me
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