50 Cent - Nah, Nah, Nah Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Nah, Nah, Nah Lyrics
Got the shotgun
Got the handgun
Got the paper in my nike box
Burn the haze up
You better raise up
Before you get ya punk ass shot

We hunt them down
We gun them dowm
Cut em down to the floor, nah nah nah
Don't f*ck around, the tre pound
That's 6 rounds for the raw, nah nah nah
We on the trip, f*ck up a flip
100 grams of the raw, nah nah nah
We on this shit, we spit a clip
That your whip home boy? nah nah nah

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Yeah I run the town like a marathon
Trackstar, trapstar
Teflon shock plate, front and back hah
P90 Ruger talk,.38 Special flow
Hollow tip, hottest shit, flyest nigga in New York
C-4 in the [?] in the bomb, niggas fronting
I got it like they want, so they hating when I'm stunting
I'm hot now, I'm bigger than the block now
Rolls drop, top down
Lambo, top down
Violate, get shot down
I live by the codes you follow
I jooks some nigga 'fore I beg or borrow
I come from the street where there's strong and there's weak
And when the strong hungry, the weak something to eat


[Verse 2: Tony Yayo]
This rap shit is fake if you really wanna ask me
I'm in the projects with a bitch like Cassie
Drop top Mayback, the roof all glassy
Level two vest on cause niggas wanna blast me
I'm a menace to society, that's what the judge said
My kinda money leave the DA and the judge dead
Shorty turned 5 and he rep that 5
Shorty just turned 6 and he rep that 6
I got my crack and my four four
The four in the morning
Gas up the truck, f*ck global warming
My money be foreign, my cars be foreign
It's pedal to the metal in them Air Force Jordans


[Verse 3: Tony Yayo]
Four bitches in the european whip
Set it off like Cleo
Haitian bitches talking Creole
Rappers is feeding them all
Triple header, christmas day
Navy blue Phantom Ghost
Box for the pistol play
Why comrade Mary overdose on MJ?
Why Big ain't have a bullet proof truck like me?
Why the club shot up?
What the f*ck you expect?
They don't search niggas buying bottles at Juliet!
Yeah I just left Southside, I'm to the borough west side [?]
Money team to the dream, haters trynna strategize
We work hard, they say it come easy
Bitch blow me in the coupe, yeah I cum easy

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