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Officer Ricky Go Ahead Try Me Lyrics
You think you know me... (Officer Rickyyyy!)
Nigga you don't know me! (Officer Rickyyyy!)

[Verse 1:]
I put a razor through your face, put a .9 on my waist
I cock a shotty just incase, I pump nuttin' but face.
I put a pint of blood in your whip, a pint of blood on the ground
Bullets bullets get to rickashay bouncing all around.
That Body Old case cold I got a wife with it
And then you ask me I think niggas from Wesley did it.
I'm a SouthSide nigga we take on, on comers,
The first shot pop, we get the one all summer
These niggas ain't hard I get at 'em on some different shit,
Different strap different clip, I blow that dog of the whip!
The cop f*cked with fox, sucked the cum on the BIMBO,
The faggot must of thought he knocked me out like KIMBO.
Gandaria lips, his breath stronger than ENDO,
Fat f*ck playing Wii fit Nintendo!
Have another tattoo, here's another tattoo!
Run into my goons soon have a new bullets wounds.
Officer Rickyyyy! - Radio for back up
See your ass anyway you know I'm gonna act up
You wanna play with me when I don't wanna play
Have my niggas whip the skin of you're ass in broad day.
Screaming: "Boss! " Nigga you AIN'T A BOSS!
Pussy nigga you're lost, listen Officer Ross!
Tell you straight suck a dick, try and come subliminal
Cause your ass the police - my niggas is criminals.
Like every other word out your mouth bound to buuuurn,
Like you sling cocaine this shit is obseeeered.
You's a rapper! You's a motherf*ckin rapper!
It's a rap! Your career's f*ckin' WRAPPED UP!

My enemy's enemies are my friieends
There my Semi's, they're like Siamese twins.
See 'em up! Close you won't see shit again.
Like every fairy tail boy your life has the end.

Try me get rolled on wait, wait, wait!
Go ahead and try me get rolled on wait, wait, wait!
Try me get rolled on wait, wait, wait!
Go ahead try me get rolled on wait, wait, wait!

[Verse 2:]
(We Da Best!) Yeah, you're the best, you're the cocksuckin' best
Go 'head faggot! - Deep throat it! - Feel it in your chest!
I'm not friendly, I'm antisocial!
Go 'head try me I'll be f*ckin you up like I'm supposta.
You said I'm violent. - Now why so say I'm violent?
The Mack got a muffler make a loud mouth silent!
Nah, me, I'm kinda sensitive, so watch the way you talk me
Better off shootin' me or tryna put the hawk to me.
Your beef ain't shit to me, cause now I got the wolves out
That .44 cortorain, that trey pound bullseye
I do it for the moo-laa! - Boo-yaa, bullseye!
Pop your f*cking noodles - dipidy doo-dah!
+Many Men Wish Death+, many men know doh (YEEEAH!)
I make many millions, f*ck with me that's a no no.
This is motion picture shit; there is no director to cast me
The D's I plead the .5th on any question they ask me!



[Verse 3:]
Nigga I bleed blue I swear I bleed blue
You thinking I'm a Crip, I'll motherf*ckin trip
Cooled out blood - maybe I'm all blood
Find out what a nigga bout when you catch a slug.
Maybe I'm a maniac! - Maybe I'm crazy!
Maybe I'm exactly what my f*cking hood made me.
Maybe I'm a do 25 years for murder,
Maybe cause it's clear I'm the clip inserter.
I done lost my best friend he died of cancer
Call me a cheetah, I attack like a panther
It's Teflon vinle on my drop top Phantom
Bulletproof windows and a stash for the cannon.
Nigga if you cross me you gon' have to owe me
I just keep going no matter what it cost me.
You know I'm like a time bomb I'm steady ticking,
You know what's coming next once a nigga slides the clip in. - Oh, yeah!



This nigga's a' appetizer!
Where you at Wayne?
You the full coursed meal Wayne!
Your awfully quiet!
You called EM out... well now I'm out!
I got my roaches out!
You gotta get past me to get to EM!
I'm the Baby over here!
I'm the smilest nigga in my click!
Shady/After-motherf*ckin'-Math, nigga!
Three Headed Monster!
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