50 Cent - Old 2003 Ferrari Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Old 2003 Ferrari Lyrics
[Lighter flicks]

Yeah, it's some good shit. [beat starts]
It's feel like some Wu-shit.
I got more Glocks and Tec's than you,
I make it pop, hit your homie right next to you.

Niggas say they like my old shit,
So I give them some old shit.
What the f*ck do I care, it's ooooold!
Shit I'll give them some old shit!
No, I'll give them some new shit;
I'll just use my old flooooow!

Looky here muthaf*cka I'm not playing!
Look! - Look!
Looky here muthaf*cka I'm not playing!
Look! - Look!

[Verse 1:]
Wassup? - It's '011, why that Maybach an '06? (uh-huh!)
This nigga Boo Booed up with my old bitch. (hahaha!)
I put paper before hoes, that's why I'm so rich, (yeeah!)
I paved the way long dick, now we all fit. (too-too!)
Doc', check my temperature! - Why I'm so cold?
The hood left the left side of my chest froze. (oh!)
I'm more 'bout pimpin', gettin' bank rooolls
Sittin', watch 'em trickin' on them stank hoes. (make it rain!)
We can share love like Kanye and Khalifa
From runways in Milan to big bags of reefer. (whooo!)
She aight for a night, but don't keep her. (ha!)
Ask NaS, Kelis was the illest "Ether"! (YEEAH!)



[Verse 2:]
My belt buckle YSL, my denim vintage
My AP all iced out, my shit authentic!
My bread come in by the boat load, that's how I get it! (yeeah!)
The cops come, say I ain't do what you know I did it! (AAHHHH!)
I ain't trippin'! Na-na-na-nah, I ain't trippin'!
I am just putting the clip in, I ain't at the window looking,
Bitch! (whoooo!) - I am legend; I am lethal with the weapon
I am 50! I'm putting an end to niggas f*cking with me. (uhh!)
Yeah! - I am back, I am ruler with a iron fist!
I am strapped, what y'all niggas gon' do with this!
Wordplay all day, they say I got a gift
One shot from the 5th, niggas' career shift!



It's 50!
I'm back.
You won't see me rollin' around!
Y'all niggas see me, you already know; don't come and say: "What's up? "...
I don't f*ck with you!
Y'all know I don't f*ck with y'all niggas.
I'll smack a high-note out one of you niggas!
It's bidness as usual.
All we're going to do is get more money, get more bread.
You hear me?
Watch me, tho!
That's it, that's all! [beat fades out]
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