50 Cent - Southside Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Southside Lyrics
(feat. Tony Yayo & Lloyd Banks)

[Hook: 50 Cent]
South... Siiiiiiiiiiiiide
South... Siiiiiiiiiiide
South... Siiiiiiiiide
[Talkin Over Hook: 50 Cent]
Yea U Know I'm Know I'm Neva Gon Change
You Know, If I Was Tryna Change I Probably Coulda Changed, I'm F*cked Up Man, Dats Were I'm From Nigga

[Verse 1: 50 Cent]
Look At You U Lil Dirty Ass Nigga U Ain't Shit
I'm Glad U Here It Or U Jus In Time To Get The Bricks
Run To Da Store, Get Some Quaker Oats N Some O.E
Tell How Pi Gets For Me He Let U Owe Him He Know Me (Yeeea)
That's They Used To Talk To A Nigga Growin Up
That's Why I Give Em Ma Ass 2 Kiss Blowin Up (F*ck Ya'll)
Took Ma Biggest Lost At 8, U Know Wen Mommy Died
I Ain't Even Kno Wat Was Goin On I Didn't Even F*cken Cry
Man True Sellin Blow Them Bonivilles Turn To Bm'z(Whhhhhoo)
Some Niggas Want To B Mike But Me I Want 2 B Him (Man Lookin Good Man)
4 Finger Rang Rope Chain N Medallion(Dam)
Real Bomb Bitch Wita Ass Lika Stallion (Whoo)
It's A Dream It's A Dream It's All A Dream (Yeeea)
I Get Some Coke Get Some Pistols N Build A Team
I'm a B Betta Than Cat Yea Betta Than Preme
I'm a B The Last Man Standin U Kno Wat I Mean?

[Hook: 50 Cent]
South Siiiiiiiiiide [X8]
[Talkin Over Hook: 50 Cent]
Look At This Nigga Son!
This Nigga Irv... Got On A Preme Team Shirt!
And He Frm Hollis Hahahaha(Sinister Laughter)
Hollis Niggas Don't Even Like South Side Niggas
Nigga We All Under Water We Don't Mix
What The F*ck Is The Matta With Chu!

Tony Yayo (Yea... One More Time... Listen Man)

[Tony Yayo (50 Cent Ad Libs):]
I Shoot Up Ya House And Burn Up Ya Crib
And Wen The Fire Man Come I Shoot Down With Da Cig(Bbbblaaattt)
Ebony And Ivory Da Beam On Tha Llama
Wen It Comes To Da Bricks I Cook Betta Dan Ya Momma(I Ain't Lyin)
Ain't That Ya Baby Moma? I See Her With Da Lil Oozie (Ya)
I'm In Da Piece She Wipe Me Down Like I'm Lil Boosie(Wipe Me Down)
I'm a A Lil Woozy I'm Higher Than Heaven
I Got That Haze Mixed With Ak 47
I Need That Beckham Money
I Need Dat O Da Money
So If U Checkin 4 Me, Nigga Show Da Money.

[50 Cent:] U Mean That Bigg Money... Not That Lil Money... That's Ma Nigga Yay I Know He Kill For Me

[Hook: x8] South Siiiiiiiiiiide

[Talkin Ova Hook: 50 Cent]
Niggas Make Me Sick Man... Sick To Ma Stomach Man... !
Every Time A Nigga Get Outta Line... I Put Em Right Back In Line Man!
Niggas Think Jimmy Iovine Ma Boss... Nigga F*ck Jimmy Iovine Nigga!
I'm Frm 134 Street Nigga
I Ain't Got No Muthaf*ckin Boss!

[Lloyd Banks:]
We Went Frm Runnin Down Sneakers To Runnin Da State
I Can't Die... I Got To Much Money 2 Make
U Got Plans Then U Kno Were I'm Comin Frm Ma Stomach Numb
I Got 99 Problems U Want Em Son?
99 Enemies Don't B The Hundrendth One
I'll Become A Corpse Before I Become A Bum
Life Sure Feels Good Under The Summer Sun
In Here U Got 2 Options Get A Gun Or Run
Ma First Car Was A Spaceship No Hooptie
Champ Hoody N Boots No Gucci
Yayo Introduced Me Fifth Scooped Me
Da Floor Couped Me
Now U Gotta Shoot Me

[50 Cent: Talkin]
I Bees Da Boss Of Dis Shit Rite Here
I Said Da Boss Nigga
U Hear Me... Da B.O.S.S M.A.N And Nigga What!
Thow Sumthin
I'm Da George Bush Of Dis Shit... I'm Not Goin 2 War. But I Send Niggas To War Hahaha [Sinister Laughter]
And I Will Sit Here N Veto Every Muthaf*ckin Act That Comes Thru Here
U Know... I'm Thinkin U Know Wat I'm Sayin We Went Frm 50 Cent To Fiddy To Curtis To Ferrieri F-50 U Know I Got A Few Aliases U Kno Wat I'm Sayin
I'm Thinkin Next... I'll B Sam... U Know Uncle Sam Hahaaha [Sinister Laughter]
I'm a Tax Everyone Of These Muthaf*ckas
To Come Thru Here... Now The Music... We Need A Lil Piece Of That
Everything That Comes Thru... U Understand Wat I'm Sayin?
It's Da Unit!
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