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Southside Lyrics
[Movie Bites from "King Of New York"]
[Frank White:] Whao, I must've been away too long, because...
My feelings are dead, naah. I am... I feel no more remorse.
[Jimmy Jump:] Yo!
[Frank White:] It's terrible thing!
[Everybody:] Hahahahahaha! [beat starts]

[Intro: {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yeah man!
F*ck the hood man!
F*ck that!
I been tryin' to get away from that muthaf*cker for a long time man. {Whoooooooo! }
I'm happy y'all niggas is mad man.
Your frown makes me smile!
C'mon, y'all niggas know me man.
It is what it is, man.
Like I say:... "Y'all know me! " {50CENT! }

[Verse 1:]
I be on the scene on the lean on a Benz
In tha Bentley, when I come thru your strip.
Every trip every flip I get the grip,
I can go to the dealership and buy me a new whip.
Take fix, new kicks, G-6, new tricks
I pick to suck on my dick.
G-Unit is the clique
And it's how it gets flipped that's why you feelin' me bitch. {Whoooooo! }
Niggas hate from a far but they don't come around,
Cause they know how a nigga get down.
Once a nigga move around with' a long trey pound,
I won't hesitate to let it off 6 rounds. [gunshot] {DAMN! }
If yo' ass get hit, then you ain't do shit,
F*ckin' with me that's what you get.
Now your lip keep it zip, {Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiid! }
Before you get your babymama caught up in this bullshit.
Now what gets it's a no no niggas on Lo go,
But they tryin' to stay on the LOE DOE!
Gangsta fo' sho', every time a nigga flow
A nigga bank account got mo' Dough!

[Chorus (Outro in the background):]
SouthSiiide... G-Unit!
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (It is must be crazy man!)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (Any starve man, anything man...) {DAMN! }
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (I knew this man! This is real man!)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (I can't even hoping man, you know what the f*ck it is, man.)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (Y'all niggas made me like this anyway man. Youkno'Imean?)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (Yo, the real niggas is like ya fault!)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (You're starving right now, youkno'msayin'?)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (Cause it been what've been easy for me!)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (I wouldn't made it easy for you! Youkno'Imean?)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (So, now you gotta do the homework, youkno'Imean?)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit! (Hahahaha!)
SouthSiiide... G-Unit!
SouthSiiide... G-Unit!

Can't forget... Pretty Sha!
Whoooooooo! [gunshot] [beat stops]
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