50 Cent - Sunday Morning Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

Sunday Morning Lyrics
This is how I'm feeling, right now!
I mean I'm... I'm blessed!
Yeah! (I'm blessed!)

Me, I ain't got to send a' usher around baskets or talk to a choir
But nigga, I'm cleaner than your motherf*ckin' preacher on Sunday mor-niiiing!
Me, I run the streets all week, hustle hard, I do work to get byyyy
But bet I be the cleanest motherf*cker in the service on Sunday mor-niiiing!

[Verse 1:]
I make so many mistakes. - So many corrections.
I'm so far from perfect, so many imperfections.
But I'm a - go getta, I get up and go get it
So if you're preachin' prosperity, I wanna hear it!
I make the hood look good. - Turn the base into base line
Punchlines to white lines, run from the one time
My verse is like a graphic scene;
Close your eyes! - Now you seen the dope fiend lean
And you seen the pimp-pimp hoes. - The.4-4 blow!
And niggas puff dro - like there's no tomorrow.
"Hit that, pass that" that's the motto.
You know jail's like vacation for my friends
They go away, come home and do the same shit again.
You think I'm bad, man; they don't give a f*ck!
They're tryna do what they gotta do to get a buck!


[Verse 2:]
I take the line out the good book and eye for an eye
Shoot me, I shoot you back; I don't care if you die!
First the sun comes down then the sun goes up
And the coke price, too; when the D's make a bust.
It's freeze nigga, get the f*ck on the waaall
And - e'rything you worked for, they come and take it aaall!
Man, it's like they don't know what they're taking
Hit you with the tazer'll have you sizzling like bacon.
When you pray, say a prayer for me, a nigga could use it
Through my pain there's a piece of me in all of my music,
Go 'head! - You can judge me, I'm hopin' you love me
And see I got it mastered, muh-muh-muh- magic!
Hocus-pocus keep the bullshit focused
Before we pop up on that ass with toasters.
Lord forgive me, I'm regressin' again
Forgive me for that line and the rest of my sins!

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