50 Cent - This Is 50 Lyrics

50 Cent Lyrics

This Is 50 Lyrics
"This is 50"

[Chorus: 50 Cent]
I, don't know what you take me for
I, really don't play that shit
I, ain't got to get you hit
I get out myself and spray that shit

[Verse One]
I got a itchy-itchy trigger finger, nigga it's the killa in me
not to spray this shiiiiiiit
I got enough ammo shots to blow I put a hole
in any motherf*cker out this biiiiiiitch
I unload to reload when you get hit I suppose
you gon' be strong enough to take this shiiiiiiit
I'm in the hood ridin 'round with a fo'-fo' pound
Can you see through the limousine tiiiiiiints?
I do dirt, the gat bust, I get to kickin up dust
'fore the Jakes come around here kiiiiiiid
Niggaz get knocked if D's start askin question
My name end up in all types of shiiiiiiit
I'll be a gangsta nigga 'til I die fo' sho'
Whether I'm po' or I'm filthy riiiiiiich
Now what you know about movin that Peruvian flake
for that cake, I get rid of dem briiiiiiicks

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Two]
Now I gotta have shoes, you know chrome 22's
Every time I get a brand new whiiiiiiip
I rode around in the 5 'til my money got right
Then I went back and got that siiiiiiix
I'm in a big white Benz on a hot sunny day
I call it the milktruck an' shiiiiiiit
I'll have your hoe eyeballin at the light damn pimpin
You should take time to check that biiiiiiitch
If I'm ridin through the hood actin like it's all good
but I'm lookin for jux an' shiiiiiiit
In the middle of the night, you can turn on the light
Find me and my niggaz in yo' criiiiiiib
Nigga holla if there's a problem and yo' niggaz got drama
I got burners for sale and shiiiiiiit
Got them macs, got them 9's, got them techs full of dime
Hollow-tips and them extra cliiiiiiips

[Chorus x2]

[Verse Three]
Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
E'rything about me be gangsta
Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
I won't hesitate to pop or shank ya
Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
They can't hustle when I'm in this shit
Man I'm tired of tellin niggaz over and over
You don't listen, you gon' get yo' ass hit

"This is 50"

Yeah! Nigga cherish me
Like the water you drink
Like the air you breathe
You need me to live
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