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Tia Told Me Lyrics
You won't believe what Tia toooold meeeeeeeee (You ain't gonna believe this shit nigga!)
Your f*ckin' career is over homie! (Your done it's a wrap nigga!)
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

[Verse 1:]
I'm back baby. I'm back, back on my bullshit!
I'm back movin' around strapped with a full clip.
These rap niggas they back talkin' that back talk
I stab a hole in your fat back with the black hawk.
Who got your back now Ricky huh? ! Who got your back?
I got the black on black Louis sack - filled up with the straps.
Navy blue CTS - leanin' in the 'Lac,
Way back! - I mean waaaaaaaaaay back!
Back in the days it was ok to f*ck with me.
Now you say the wrong shit niggas hit ya up for me.
Wait! - Let me tell ya what your baby told me,
You AIN'T GOT a street bone in your WHOLE BODYYYY!
You're not! - Who you think you are? !
With your gun and your badge you think your hard? !
Actin like your movin' blow in the streets
Nigga where I'm from we gotta hustle to eat. - And you the police!

You won't believe what Tia toooold meeeeeeeee
Your f*ckin' career is over homie!
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyy!
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyyy!

[Verse 2:]
SHUT THE F*CK UP! - We don't wanna hear your mafia tough talk
That fake f*ck boy shit don't fly in New York.
You wanna listen to Joe? - You wanna listen to Khaled?
Fine! - I'll just f*ck everybody up while I'm at it
First, it's +We The Best+, then it's - "We Depressed"
After this shit flop there like damn "We Stressed"
We a mess, he's not the nigga to test
It's ninety degrees out here and we gotta wear a vest!
Call me crazy, go 'head call me crazy
Me and your baby mama gon' get intimate maybe.
Imagine how she felt when she seen how I lived
When I use the intercom to find niggas in my crib.
Hey! - I'm the biggest boss she seen thus far
My money comin in the mornin' so I'm up with Russ Par.
Early in the mornin' turn your radio on!
50 'bout to come on! - You missin' the joint!

You won't believe what Tia toooold meeeeeeeee! (Man you ain't 'gon believe this shit!)
Your f*ckin' career is over homie! (You're done Ricky!)
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyy!
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyy!

Awwwww man!
I just feel like I'm showin' off now!
I mean I'm rich, man!
I have disposable cash...
I be hangin' out with Russell!
We do yoga... to relax!
You know I have a temper problem!
You know?
I talked to LA Reid!
I said: "Aaaaaaawwwww man! "
LA... I mean Rick Ross is finished!
I mean I have to help him out with somethin' over there, because I'm disposin of him!
But I... I mean, it will be fine!
We'll work it out!
You know?
It's just politics!

You won't believe what Tia toooold meeeeeeeee! (You won't believe it!)
Your f*ckin' career is over homie! (Tia's diary!)
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyy! (It's deeper than rap!... March 24th!)
Officer Rickyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-yy-yyyyyyyyyy! (SHUT THE F*CK UP!)
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