50 Cent - When I Come Back Freestyle Lyrics

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When I Come Back Freestyle Lyrics
I'm back on this shit again! (uh!)
This time it's gon' take a whole SWAT team to bring me in! (yeah!)
I'm back on this shit again! (yeah! whassup?)
I'm back on this shit again!

[Verse 1:]
I had the same vision cat had in '89
So all the work in SouthSide gon' be mine.
I got project protection, that's 10 grand a building
Some niggas say: "That's their spot, we gon' kill 'em! " [2 shots]
It's all simple math, now add it to automatic
It's filled to the tip of the clip, I let it RIP!
Now run, cover your mother, it's on cocksucka!
F*ck around, have a peice of your brain blown. (brain blown!)
Hop up on that long Tre-pound. - Flame throwin'! (flame throwin'!)
Now isn't this a beautiful day?
Look up! - It's Angel's skies in Pelican Bay.
Surprise nigga, we all dying!
It's quiet after niggas get blast on. (blast on...)

Niggas get shootin' at me? I'm a come back! (come back!)
I ain't lettin' shit die down, I'm a come! back (come back!)
I don't give a f*ck who outside when I come back! (come back!)
Nigga don't go f*ckin' with me if you don't want that! (want that!) [x2]

[Verse 2:]
I got a bad Dominican bitch, built like Buffy the body
Got a new coke connect, my Mexican little mommy.
Got a plan for the cops in the raincoat
Automatic shotgun bangin', I spray somethin'.
Look! I got a NBA bitch, she be ballin' (ballin'!)
She pull up in that Bentley only 4 in the mornin'. (mornin'!)
I f*ck like it's my last peice of pussy I'm on it
Bitch like Jiffy with the lube, she want it! (she want it!) [2 shots]
Suck the lights out me, I mean the life out me.
I like the way she through it. - Like ain't nothin' to it!
Now nigga don't you dare trip over no bitch
After money, that's the number one reason to gettin' hit. - F*ck around, nigga!


And you know you don't want that!
Man, y'all niggas change, man!
These pussy-ass niggas...
Got y'all niggas dancin' on love songs and shit.
Now y'all down to buyin' bitches...
Boxes of candy, cards, Teddy bears and shit!
Actin' like everyday Valentine's Days...
It's s'pposse to be my fault!
Nah, I feel like I'm the only nigga goin' nut...
Cause all these niggas is stuck!
I guess it's my fault!
Last three mornings niggas meant to do shit about it...
Cause I just do what I want, these sucka-ass niggas!
Man F*CK THAT, man!
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