B.B Kings (Skit) Lyrics by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

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B.B Kings (Skit) Lyrics
If you see what it is, if you see what it is upstairs right now.

Is it crazy upstairs?

My nigga! They got the shit barricaded off with the police all with the horses and all that shit you heard?
You know what I'm sayin', like, it's messy right now.
But on another note, all these extra niggas that's outside son, I gotta get these niggas up out of here son.
I don't know who the voice of reason is with y'all crew, but somebody gotta talk to these niggas and make 'em move.

I'ma talk to somebody, I got somebody right here.

I need somebody to take these niggas and make 'em move, you heard?

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