Free Da Guys (Skit) Lyrics by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Lyrics

Free Da Guys (Skit) Lyrics
[A Boogie:] Ayo P what up nigga!

[Caller:] Ain't shit, A Boogie what the f*ck is good my man? Bubba what the f*ck is goody flee?

I f*ckin' miss y'all man they gotta get me out of this shit.
You y'all think y'all - everybody just been tellin' me how niggas on the radio, I'm like uhhhh...
Yo you - nigga I f*ckin' bumped the radio after I heard that shit.

[A Boogie:] Haha, Deadass?

[Caller:] Yo, f*ck love.

[Don Q:] Yo bro, Highbridge The Label: Volume One about to drop yo.

[Caller:] Ay yo, you already know. Tune in, Highbridge The Label, Volume One.
Get money man, waste no time man. you already f*ckin' know man. Free me, free my man M5.
My man Boogie's out here, bitches twerkin' man.
Westside takeover man, if you don't know now you know. Free the guys nigga, get money.

[A Boogie:] Free the f*cking gang man.

[Caller:] Get the f*ck up out your feelings nigga. Get some f*cking money.

[A Boogie:] Those my brothers, so if I got it they get anything from me!

[Caller:] They get anything from me!

[A Boogie:] Uh-huh! haha.

[Caller:] Same Balmains for a week, bitch think I'm bummy.

[A Boogie:] They cost 1700 man, they can't think you bummy bro. Hahahaha!

[Caller:] Yo, free my f*ckin' niggas bro!

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