Afrika Bambaataa - Jazzy Sensation (Bronx version) Lyrics

Afrika Bambaataa Lyrics

Jazzy Sensation (Bronx version) Lyrics
(feat. The Jazzy 5)


Now all the ladies in the house (The ladies! The ladies!)
The ladies in the house (C'mon, let me hear you say ahh-oww!) "Ahh-oww!"
(Say Ahh-oww!) C'mon, c'mon "Ahh-oww!"
The homeboys in the house (The boys! The boys!)
The boys in the house (C'mon, let me hear you say ho!) "Ho!"
(Say ho!) "Ho!"
(Give it up!)


Hey, party people just (bust this)
We got a little somethin' (that you can't resist)
We wanna say a little somethin' (to the other MC's)
Who said we don't have no quality
(We got) quality and sophistication
(And all we need is your co-operation)
To rock the house and with the greatest of ease
The Masters Ice! (Gee!) B! I'm Lest (and Mr Freeze)
So come on y'all, let's go to work
With Bambaataa, Jazzy Jay (and Red Alert)
(With others we form the Zulu Nation)
(Now check us out with our Jazzy Sensation)
(Huh!) Can you feel it?

Now I'm the Master Ice and I'm twice as nicer
And the dedicated prince of the disco slice
As you can see I'm formally known
As the rodeo rock of the microphone

And I'm Mr Freeze, and to you the tell you the truth
That my quality rank's about 100 Proof
And for all of y'all who like to duplicate
I had to return to set the story straight

C'mon everybody and start to clap
(Because we are the kings of the Body Rock rap)
Our names (Our names are at the top of the list)
(And we're the best MC's that could ever exist)
So let's party! (Let's party till you can't no more)
And if you can't (And if you can't, just walk out the door)
But if you could (If you could, you deserve a crew)
And like the five (Like the five MC's from Sound View)
We're the once (We're the once divided reunited)
Here we go (Here we go) You know we go (You know we go)
(We go by the names down in the Hall of Fame
No other guy or dame could ever play the game
We're the flyest, the flyest, known to be the highest
Cos we're at the top and we can't be stopped
We're the sweetest, the neatest, the latest, the greatest
The best MC's to ever arrive!)

Well I'm the hip hip-hopper and the MC topper
But everybody knows me as the ladies' grand rocker
MC Master Gee and I'm the singer of the crew
So tell me young ladies, what you wanna do?

And I'm the Master B as you will see
I hold the key to the door of society
But if you listen up close you will agree
(A-baby doll, he's the best of the century)

And I'm AJ Lest at your request
A presidential rapper with a lot of finesse
Cos you could call me AJ, but they call me Lester
The mic rocker, the woman possessor

And everybody calls me Chuckie Chuck
Chuck-a-luck a-luck a-lucka-lucka-luck
Instead of passin' the mic I had to pass the buck
(And now it's time to go amok, huh!)
Funk it up!
...Just get on down!

So, listen everybody (Listen everybody)
Listen up everybody (Listen everybody)
Cos we got a surprise (Got a surprise)
We got a surprise (Got a surprise)
Yes indeedy, New York City lookin' pretty, have no pity
Cos I'm the Master Ice and I'm in your city, hey
(Hey!) Now it's time to throw
Go high and low and do The Gigolo
Shake your body to the left (Shake your body to the right)
Go down to the floor, now you're lookin' out of sight
Then you come back up and look your partner in the eyes
You'll find yourself headin' for a big surprise
Because you split your pants a-when you went real low
(And that's why we called it The Gigolo)
Ha ha! (Gigolo Gig-Gigolo Gigolo) Serious, serious, c'mon to c'mon
I say clap your hands and do The Gigolo (Gigolo!)
(Clap your hands and do The Gigolo, Gigolo!)
Listen party people all across the nation
All we want from you (Is your co-operation)
And if you're gettin' down with no (Limitations)
Everybody say (Jazzy Sensation) "Jazzy Sensation!"
(Jazzy Sensation) "Jazzy Sensation!"
And you don't stop that Body Rock
It's on, it's on, it's on, it's on (yah ha haa!)
And if you know the words (brrr!) why don't you sing along (c'mon)

Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Our Jazzy Sensation
Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Our Jazzy Sensation

Can you feel it? Can you feel it? Our Jazzy Sensation
I say Jazzy (Jazzy)
Jazzy Sensation (Jazzy Sensation)
C'mon, cos it's the Jazzy (It's the Jazzy)
Jazzy Sensation (Jazzy Sensation) Ah yeah, ha (Shep Pettibone!)
C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon...
Lean left, ha! Lean right
(Lean front) You gotta (Lean back)
And c'mon c'mon a-c'mon, you gotta rock with it
Ow! Yeah, baby, ha ha!

That's it, aha, ain't it funky now?
Ha ha ha ha, that's it
Huh! Ain't it funky now
Uh! Uh! Uh!
Ain't it, ain't it funky now?
Ha ha ha ha, ain't it funky-uh?
It's that beat y'all, that beat-beat the beat, y'all!
C'mon, say James Browwwwwn (James Browwwwwn)
(James Browwwwwn, say James Browwwwwn) Yo!
Say nobody gives more music (Ain't nobody gives more music) Aha ha!
(I say nobody gives more music) Say what

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