Tumbleweed Lyrics by Alannah Myles

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Tumbleweed Lyrics
Just a stray little Gypsy boy, trying on the highway for size
A cowboy kid cracking 105, crossing the New Mexico line

(I believe) I believe we got a live one here, (hey hey) no inhibitions no fear

Hey you wanna play your hand
Or are you just playing for the girls in the grandstand
Don't you wanna roll them bones
Are you a tumbleweed or a rolling stone

Tag along with my little vagabond, as long as you got something to burn
We'll slide on over to old Antone's
There's a little game I think you should learn

(Hey hey) There's a big shot of the owner hanging over the bar
(Hey hey) Shaking hands with some rock and roll star


Well I'm glad I let you find me boy, I been waitin' for you
Won't you be my brand new pride and joy
I've been savin' up all my good luck until tonight


On a roll he was on top of the world
Till he laid it all on seven and nine
Lost his shirt and his keys to the highway
Looks like I'll be driving tonight

(Hey hey) Ten to one we'll take the long way home
(Hey hey) We've got ignition, so let's go

[Chorus repeats 2x]

Are you a tumbleweed or a rolling stone
Are you a tumbleweed or a rolling stone...

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