Al B. Sure! Lyrics

Al B. Sure! Lyrics

From the Album Honey I'm Home (2009) (buy at

Nite And Day (Interlude)
I Love It! (Papi Aye, Aye, Aye)
Lady In My Life
Dedicate My All

From the Album Sexy Versus (1992) (buy at

Right Now

From the Album Private Times...And The Whole 9! (1990) (buy at

Hotel California
Touch You
So Special
I Want To Know
No Matter What You Do
Shades Of Grey
Private Times
Channel J
Had Enuff
Just For The Moment
Sure! Thang
You Excite Me

From the Album In Effect Mode (1988) (buy at

Nite And Day
Killing Me Softly
Rescue Me
Off On Your Own (Girl)
If I'm Not Your Lover

Other Songs:
Had Enuf? (Remix)
If I'm Not Your Lover (Remix)
I'm Still In Love With You

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