Alice Cooper - This House Is Haunted Lyrics

Alice Cooper Lyrics

This House Is Haunted Lyrics
I was sitting in my room, dark and gray and crying
Someone in my life I fear was at the point of dying
A cold wind blew right up my spine, it was the break of dawn
A little voice went deep inside told me she was gone

Oh...This house is haunted
Oh...That's how I want it to be
Oh...This house is haunted
You can always stay here with me...

No more singing, no more laughing, no more sunny days
She left and took the colors with her, buried in her grave
This is where we climbed the tower, this is where she fell
Then when her young heart stopped beating, I went to hell

Oh...This house is haunted
Oh...This house is haunted

You float through the living room, I watch my TV
I feel you sit down on the couch right here next to me
Then I feel your lips touch mine just like we used to do
I'm so happy all alone being here with you...

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