L Is For Lover Lyrics by Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau Lyrics

L Is For Lover Lyrics
Yesterday, just a
photograph of yesterday
And all its edges folded
and the corners
faded sepia brown
And yet it's all I have
of our past love
A postscript to its ending

Brighter days
I can see such brighter days
When every song we sang
Is sung again
And now we know
We know this time it's for good
And we're lovers once again
And you're near me

I can remember the
rain in December
The leaves are brown -
On the ground

In Spain I did love and adore you
The nights filled with
joy were our yesterdays
And tomorrow will bring you near me

I can recall my desire
Every reverie is on fire
And I get a picture of
all our yesterdays
Yes, today
I can say,

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