Amanda Marsh - Be Where You Are Lyrics

Amanda Marsh Lyrics

Be Where You Are Lyrics
I’ve made up mind
Know what I want
Giving it my all this time

Here in the dark
I saw your light
Up in the sky
Shining down on me

don’t know your name
or if you can hear me

but I want you know
that I can read through
our story so clearly

can you hear me

Sometimes you find love in the strangest places
Cant tell you why I know that look in your eyes
You can see tommarow in strangers’ faces
Ive seen you when I look at the stars
I wanna be where you are

Verse 2
Ive thought about you
And how it would be
To be a part of you and me

Are you thinking the same
At the same time
Don’t know who you are but you’re on my mind

I want you to know
been praying for you

To come to my life
Cuz I promise
Ill love you sincerely


Want you right here
Right by my side
Im gunna hold you in my arms
So tight
Wont let you go
I cant deny
My feelings
Deep inside

Give me a sign
That you hear me

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