XXL Freshman Freestyle: Anderson .Paak Lyrics by Anderson Paak

Anderson Paak Lyrics

XXL Freshman Freestyle: Anderson .Paak Lyrics
Jokers and Cinderellas at the ball of confusion
The tension is high but niggas is still fly
Sophisticated puppets with political ties
Organized crime, paperback shrine
Pussy with a price tag, money all the time
Pills and a nightcap runnin' through your spine
Niggas sippin' lean what a fiend for the high
Addiction is a bitch but we thuggin' 'til the end
And these bitches love the glitz so I'm turnin' up the lights
I'm rollin' out the whips, throwing the dice
You can roll if you like, do what you feel
You wanted a show? Just open your eyes
This is life as you know it
A few make it through, most won't survive
A penny with a hole with no hope inside
It's survival of the finesse
And my nigga's went to dinners
So we taking a bite and I made up my mind
The whole world loves you when you're top of the line
The hoes gon' want you when you're thuggin' it right
But the feds gon' bust you if your money too husky man
Trust me, devils want you livin' in fright
Ain't that right?

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