Ashley Gearing - Girls Lyrics

Ashley Gearing Lyrics

Girls Lyrics
Get ready
My daddy wanted a house full of boys
Rowdy little hunting, fishing bundles of noise
After my baby sister
He gave up
He told my mama
Enough is enough

So we started walking wearing cowboy boots
Baiting our own hooks
And learning to shoot
And that didn't stop the boys from coming 'round there
You know the reason daddy lost his hair

There's just something about us
They just can't figure out us
Ask anybody
Who really rules the world

That's right

Who just up and passed you in a 4-wheel drive
Who wears the pants
And they fit just right
Who can do a man's job
And still be a lady
Now you tell me who's come a long way baby

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh I say girls

Who can change her mind
A million times
Run an hour behind
And be worth the wait
Have a couple of kids
And still looks great

(Repeat Chorus)

Oh no now girls
You just can't live without us
Ask anybody
Who really rules the world
Ah girls
I say girls
Whoa girls yeah
That's right

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