Ashley Gearing - Maybe It's Just The Moon Lyrics

Ashley Gearing Lyrics

Maybe It's Just The Moon Lyrics
It's a beautiful night to be lonely
Doing what I want to
No make up
All curled up
In my favorite chair
Playing old Patsy too
There's a soft silver glow in my window
Seducing this empty room
So sweetly
Your memory
Makes my heart swirl
Or maybe it's just the moon

When you kissed me I fell
I remember it well
We dreamed just like young lovers do
You taught me to fly
You took me so high
Why did it end so soon

La da da
La da da

(Repeat Chorus)

I'm content to be perfectly lonely
Now that I'm over you
But sometimes
The pale light
Shines through my window
And it makes me think of you
But I know it's just the moon

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