Austin Sherrie - Heart To Heart Lyrics

Austin Sherrie Lyrics

Heart To Heart Lyrics
Sometimes it feels like it's your world
And I just rent a room
With just a bed and these four walls
And a window without a view

Down the hall you sit in silence
Just like a man
But I can't read your mind if your thoughts
Are burried in the sand

Baby we're slipping
Slowly drifting
Further and further apart
We need a


Heart to heart
Hand in hand
We gotta keep this thing together
A house divided will not stand
Hold on, hold on
We gotta hold on to each other
The darkest hour's before the dawn
The only place to start
Is heart to heart
[End Chorus]

I can only go so far when I'm walking the floor
And you can only say so much with the slamming of a door
Maybe with a kiss
And a little forgiveness
We'd wind up in each others arms


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