Austin Sherrie - Never Been Kissed Lyrics

Austin Sherrie Lyrics

Never Been Kissed Lyrics
If I show up ten minitues early baby
You can bet that you'll be running behind
But when it comes to loving me now baby
I have to say you're right on time


I've never been kissed, never been kissed
Never been kissed like this no, no, no
I've never been touched, never been touched
Baby 'til I felt your touch
You're love's goin' to my head so fast
Just like the bubbles in a champagne glass
Now I know what I've been missing
I've never been kissed like this, ooh like this

You're a fool for wild-eyed poetry baby
I only like the kind that rhymes
And you're a little rough around the edges now baby
But your kind of edges suit me fine


This is more than temporary madness baby
This is more than hearts just doing time
If love weren't so serious we could laugh about it baby
Yeah, we could laugh until we cried


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