Beastie Boys - B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Lay It On Me Lyrics

Beastie Boys Lyrics

B-Boy Bouillabaisse: Lay It On Me Lyrics
(Beastie Boys/Dust Bros.)

"Agh, funky baby"
"Lay it on me now"
"Not so hard man"

I've got Chinese eyes and Chinese suits
Smokin' much Buddha and smokin' much boots
More updated on the hip-hop lingo
My favorite New York Knick was Hawthorne Wingo
Met a girl at a party and I gave her my card
Man you know that it said Napoleon Bonaparte
Peepin' out the colors I be buggin' on Cezanne
They call me Mike D Joe Blow the Lover Man
Well your face turns red as your glass of wine
That you spilled on my lyrics as you wasted my time
Girl you should be with me you should drop that bum
'Cause I got more flavor than Fruit Striped Gum
With that big round butt of yours
I'd like to butter your muffin I'm not bluffin'
Serve you on a platter like Thanksgiving stuffin'
"And what it"
Stuffin' stuffin'
Stuffin' buddy

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