Beastie Boys - Cooky Puss (Censored Version) Lyrics

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Cooky Puss (Censored Version) Lyrics
The shit with this *****
Yo I said I'm calling you B.
Yo B it's the phone
Yo B.
"May I help you?"
"Yes what's your name?"
"Hello man you got Cookypuss's number?"
"Here's my supervisor, he'll help you"
"Yo man, where's the supervisor at?
I-I got the number anyway baby!
That ***** hang up on me"
These pussy crumbs are making me itch!
Ah Cookypuss, HEY! Ah Cookypuss
Maybe I should scratch
Aaahhn, B-E-A-S-T-I-E go!
"My real name is"
"My real name is"
"My sisters name was"
Cookypuss, cook, cook, cook, scratch, scratch.
Oh,cook, cook, cook, cook oh cookypuss
"And my mother got to call us for dinner"
"Yo, yo, yo!"
Cookypuss. Pussy crumbs, what are pussy crumbs?
"Take me home and eat me, yeah!"
*****, I'll ****** kick your *** *****
"Hello, Carvel?"
"Yo man Cookypuss there?"
"Cookypuss, I want to speak to Cookypuss man!"
"No. Nobody here by that name."
"A Cooky or Puss then. Cookychic, anybody man, I want to speak to them!"
"There not here."
"I said wheres Cookypuss at?
Yo I'm serious, I wanna talk to.. yo man
Cookypuss, alright let, let me order one then, let me get one."
"When do you want it for?"
"Anytime man, just like now and ****, you know, that **** now.
I'm talkin' now B. Damn ***** hang up, I'll kick your *** *****"
"Yo yo yo"
"Yo yo yo"
"Beastie Boys rock!"
"Beastie Boys"

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