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Mike D is in Love Lyrics
Yeah baby, you know it, listen:

Eeverybody knows that I broke your heart
Yeah everybody knows that Mike D broke your heart
But you'ze gots to stop tellin them how I stole your car,
You know? Just aint fair baby, you know,
Just cuz I got the,
The better side of the bargain
Just means that the cards were dealt in my favor, you know?


Girl you know it's true
Mike D is in love
(with you)

You know I remember, the first time I saw you
And you were standin there
Lookin all lonely and everything
I went over, you know
And strated smellin that ass


Then ricky powel came over,
Trying to do the ATD and everything,

Yeah baby

Girl you know it's true
Mike D is in love

(with you baby, whooo, in love with you!)

(oh it's true it's true it's true, oh baby!)

(it's true it's true it's true it's true)

(I'm so true, it's true it's true it's true)

You know a lotta MCs these days
They make records about, you know,
Women takin' all their money?

Hey, you know I'm straight up honest,
I just be leachin' off my girl, you know?
Just leachin off my bitch that's what it's about ...

You know, if you got a roof over your head and a
Pot to piss in man, shit, that's better than having
Money in the pocket, you know?


awwww yeeeah

oh Mike D, Mike D, Mike D, Mike D, Mike D

starrin: Mide D

featurin: Mike D

and uh, special appearance by, uh, Mike D

du, du du-dun

incredible ...
invinceible ...
most incredible ...
unstoppable ...
techniculous ...

Liz Claiborne ...
Gucci ...
Yo' motha ...

That's right baby
When you weren't looking,
When you were out shopping that day,
Your mother came over,
She was lookin kinda nice, you know?

You wouldn't believe what she was weain under that dress
You know? anyway, so, you know one thing lead to another
I'm real sorry you had to walk in like that and see ...

you know,
shit happens,
you know?

(Mike D is Love)

(awwwww yeaaaah)

du du du-dud ...

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