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Beastie Boys Lyrics

Resolution Time Lyrics
[Verse 1]
Actin like the last generation on earth
You're gonna f*ck up a place for new birth
You're cuttin the last of the forests on the planet
Only a few hundred years since Columbus landed
Well it's due time, that we look and pay attention
As the windows who knows show the knowledge with us
Cause it's the one that we prayed for, from Mother Earth
I give the wisdom to folks, you know whole worth
In these great times, we still neglect
When they invent this land, don't give it due respect
Cause the FBI and the CIA
The whole federal government, the FDA
Well, the system doesn't work and it must be changed
And there's more people in the pen, everyday
So I visualize, resolution
Yo, everyday is in a state of evolution

Evolution time [2X]
Revolution time [2X]
Revelation time [2X]
Resolution time, resolution

[Verse 2]
We come a long way with the peace in the East
But on the home front, they riot in the streets
As it gets got hear a changin in same
And this is the Millennium still felt today
I hear the same stories time after time
The stories of fear, through violent crimes
Committed by hatredm by sentient beings
Who shall loose by kindness and it's plain to see
Now we don't have to stand for this oppression any longer
If we stand together, there's nothin stronger
We must interconnect it as though we sure have won
If we want to avoid, planetary destruction
So I work and I work because the hate in my mind
Has assumed the truth and I know I'll find
And I visualize resolution
See it all as a state of constant evolution


[Verse 3]
The world leaders were terrified of loosin their pride
Their spoiled children tellin little white lies
Vanishing numbers of unimaginable destruction
Sure as we boast they're at their last production
Threatening and challenging nature against nation
Walkin down the road, of total annihilation
Sproutin threats is insecure
Guns are for the fightingand they're immature
And it all stems from self-important beliefs
Thinking that we're better than our fellow human beings
So I wanna empower, and do what I can
And pass it along so it can be passed again
Some times I sit and I watch my mind
Watchin my thoughts as they reel and wind
And stop, and visualize resolution
For everyday is in a state of evolution

Writer: Adam Horovitz, Mario Caldato Jr, Adam Nathaniel Yauch, Michael Louis Diamond
Copyright: Lyrics © Polygram Int. Publishing Inc., Brooklyn Dust Music

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