Beastie Boys - The Larry Routine Lyrics

Beastie Boys Lyrics

The Larry Routine Lyrics
This routine dates way back
A lot of people may remember this routine
but it's evolved, now
Yeah from the summer before last

[Mike D]
Well my name's Mike D and I got a new name
And that new name is - LARRY!!

[Ad Rock]
Well my name is Ad Rock, and then I got a new name
And my new name is - HARRY!!

Well my name is MCA, but I got a new name
And that new name is - GARY!!

[Beastie Boys]
Well my DJ's name, it stayed the same
Cause his new name is - BARRY!!
Writer: Adam Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch, Michael Louis Diamond
Copyright: Lyrics © Universal Polygram Int. Publishing Inc., Brooklyn Dust Music

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