Ben Folds Five - In Love Lyrics

Ben Folds Five Lyrics

In Love Lyrics
I remember
the night we met
that night we sat
under summer skies
I looked into your eyes
and you looked into mine

you said, "you're not like the rest"
(Oleander holly)
and I nodded
(Crimson feet of Collie)
"no one understands me",
you said
and I nodded once again,
(Beautiful and lovely)
as if to agree that all men
are indeed the same
(my baby)
somehow, you said,
(the only one)
I was different
(who really understands me)

(Floating hand in hand we)
(whisper in the moonlight)
(and say that I'm)
(the things you want to see)

(Coda and her star child)
for months on end
I maintained
(Goddess of the moonlight)
a veneer of sincere interest
(hold me in the morning)
as if I were listening
as you relived every page
(and tell me I'm)
of self-help and new age
(the only one alive)
that you had read

and I went in for the kill
(who really understands you)
I'd read the same books
(tell me pretty stories)
I learned to ape the motions
of a "sensitive" human being
(say you understand me)
and we were "oh-so-happy",
(my baby)
but you found things too fixed
(the things you want to see)
and I knew it was time
to move on
(that I could never be)
(in love)
(in love)

so now you have me
completely figured out
you feel sorry for me
I can't express my feelings,
I can't tell the truth
we are all alike

at puberty I was sworn to secrecy
by the international brotherhood
of lying fickle males
I can't tell you anything
and I can't commit!

you're right!
I can't commit...
to you!

(hold me in the morning)
I will always treasure
our time together
(tell me pretty stories)
I don't feel enough of anything
to harbor the kind of disdain
(say that you're the only one)
that you'll maintain
you painted me into what you
(my baby)
wanted to see,
and that's fine,
(but I could never be)
but you will never know me
(in love)
(in love)

(Oleander holly)
(Crimson feet of Collie)
(beautiful to hold me)
(my baby)
(the only one)
(who really understands me)

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