Bentley Stephanie - Light Of My Life Lyrics

Bentley Stephanie Lyrics

Light Of My Life Lyrics
I see you stranger standing there, far across the room
Do you remember when Fort Worth was in bloom
You know it wasn't all that long ago, that we were in the dark
One touch would light up the whole world with a spark
No one here tonight would guess how wrapped up we were
Once you were the light of my life, you really made me shine
And every letter that you wrote to me was a Valentine
These days all we've got to say is how ya doing I'm fine
But once I was the light of your life, and you were the light of mine
Maybe the planets didn't line up right, maybe the time was wrong
Maybe forever was a little bit too long
But still we had about as fine a time as two true lovers could
Before the magic was up and gone for good
Even though I'm not much more than a shadow now

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