Berg Matraca - Waiting For The Sky To Fall Lyrics

Berg Matraca Lyrics

Waiting For The Sky To Fall Lyrics
There's a firefly in love with a distant star
Looking longingly up through the atmosphere
Tiny beacon flies, finds his wings too soon
I watch him make his way, blinded by the moon

I want to believe that the wind would know where to take me
I want to believe that a dream could get me by
But I'm just waiting here for you
Waiting for the sky to fall

You're far away, on the edge of the universe
A galaxy swirling across the room
Tell me, is it cold out there? Is there air for me?
Would you even care if I could not breathe?

Repeat Chorus

The laws of gravity cannot tie down my soul
How long can I hold on before I let you go

Repeat Chorus

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