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Ave Maria Lyrics
She was lost in so many different ways,
Out in the darkness with no guide.
I know the cost of a losing hand
Never for the grace of God
Oh I,
I found heaven on earth.
You are last,
My first.
And then I hear this voice inside...

Ave Maria

[Verse 2:]
I've been alone, when I'm surrounding by friends.
How could the silence be so loud?
But I still go on,
Knowing that I've got you.
There's only us when lights go down.

You are heaven on earth,
You are my hunger my thirst.
I always here this voice inside...

Singing Ave Maria

[Verse 3:]
Sometimes love can come and pass you by,
Whille your busy making plans,
Suddenly hit you and then you realize,
It's out of your hands,
Baby you've got to understand.
You are my heaven on earth,
You are my last my first.
I hear this voice inside...

Ave Maria

Ave Maria

Ave Maria.
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