Beyonce - Lift Every Voice and Sing (Blue's Version) Lyrics

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Lift Every Voice and Sing (Blue's Version) Lyrics
[Blue Ivy Carter (Beyoncé):]
Let our rejoicing rise
(High as the listening)
High as the listening skies
(Let us march on)
Let us march on
('Til victory)
'Til victory is won

[Beyoncé (Blue Ivy Carter):]
Yay! Beautiful job, Baba
You sound so pretty
(I wanna do that again)
Oh, you wanna do it again? You're like mommy, huh?
(I wanna do that again)
Oh, okay
('Cause it feels good)
It feels good? Hahahahaha
Okay, you wanna do-
Go, lift every voice and sing

I feel we made something that made my daughter proud
Made my mother proud, my father proud, and all of the people
That are my brothers and sisters around the world
And that's why I live
I'm so lucky and grateful that I'm able to
Take all these crazy ideas and actually make it into somethin' that
Heals people and that may spark vision in people
That shows them to dream big
And shows them that they are limitless
It's possible
If my country ass can do it, they can do it
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