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Pepsi's Carmen Lyrics
It's a tale of a guy named Zeke,
Who has come here from Battle Creek.
As he walks with his Pepsi can,
He is bumped by the strangest man.

He feels no wish as he sees it roll,
Down the street to an open hole.
The taste sensation he loves so well,
Now is gone, and he starts to yell.

His Pepsi fell, he shows his lust (the joy of life)
The joy of life he needs it anyhow (the joy of life, the joy of taste)
He makes the sound of a tender bear (the joy of Pepsi)
As the crowd around him starts to swell.

Sir, a Pepsi please (the joy of life)
And they pack a Pepsi onto Zeke,
The Pepsi's found, the people cheer (the taste of Pepsi)
For the joy of Pepsi now is here!

Ba ba ba ba ba, ba ba ba ba ba, the Joy of Pepsi.
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