You Are My Rock Lyrics by Beyonce

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You Are My Rock Lyrics
Oh oh oh [x2]

[Verse 1:]
If I wrote a book bout wur we stand den da title of my book wuld b lyf with supaman dats how u mke me feel I thought u as a privilage dis luv is so idea I'm honord 2 b n it I kno u feel da same I c it evrydae n all da things u du & all da things u say

U r my roc bby your da truf u r my roc I luh 2 roc with u u r my roc your evrything I need u r my roc so bby roc with me

I wana kiss u need u pleze u jus fine I wana tch u luh u bby all nyt I luv u 4 all da things u do u r my roc I luv 2 roc with u I wana roc with u

[Verse 2:]
If I wur 2 try 2 count da ways u mke me smile id run out of fingas b4 I run out of time with so many things 2 tlk bout suga u kp.s it goin on make me wana kp my lovin strong mke me wana try my bes 2 giv u wut u wnt&wut u nd giv u my whole hart not jus a lil piece mor den a minimum I'm talkn evrything, mor den a single wish I'm talkn evry dream

Your a roc in da sand your a smyl in a cri your my joy thru da pain your da truf thru da ly nomata wut I do I kno I kan count on u
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