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Celebrity Lyrics
I am in love with the lights, the love, the rights, the wrongs
They told me that it wouldn't be night for long!
The life, the love, the rights, the wrong
They told me that it wouldn't be night for long!

[Verse 1:]
And I'm in love with the lights, the love
Celebrity hoes, Hollywood parties that never get old!
Table full of new hoes, champagne Nuvo
My mind is on Venus, but my neck is on Pluto
I need a girl that look badder than my girlfriend
You know the ones that look badder than their girlfriends
Paparazzi try to pop Big since I'm in Cali
But I just hide my face doing a Errol Flynns
Hoody over my head, Jedi, Anakin
Looking like a BBC Louis V mannequin
She ain't got no man in him
She got no companion, she's Jenifer Aniston
I'm trying to hit her, and her friend!
And again, and again
Pass it to my mans and them
F*cking all the baddest bitches in cities we're landing in!

What happens when it all falls
And the success is all gone
And is all gone?
But for now I'm a celebrity!
For now I'm a celebrity!


[Verse 2:]
I'm in love with the money...
They say that it's the root of all evil
At least that's what the pastor tried to teach us
But he will pass around that collection plate
Till it's heavy way as soon as his speech through
Then hop in that Benz coupe
Shit, I'm trying to get a Benz too!
But how is it the root of all evil?
If it could take my whole family out to Rio?
No more repo
A depo, just speed boats
Jewelry all gold call me C-3PO
Smoke so much, I gotta see three POs
Cause I'm worldwide tour with me and my nigga Zino
Most comfortable behind the mics like Tito
So I hate to lose my Mike like Tito



[Verse 3:]
I do it for, everything in life for love and meaning
I hope they never try to tell me I'm leaving
Getting everything I want, then I've got my mom next
LA Reid sign checks right after the contract
I always have a crazy flow pockets was on radio
Active cause I guess I was active on a radio
Way back in high school, yeah nigga CT
Where I met my nigga Tone, Pat Piff, and CT
Came out of the slump nigga way before T3
Giving hoes the run around, we just call them track meets
It's funny now when I look back
Cause them times gave me the inspiration that the track needs
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