Five Bucks (5 On It) Lyrics by Big Sean

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Five Bucks (5 On It) Lyrics
[Big Sean:]
I do it
D townn
Boyyy, hey
OK, I'm smoking loudly, I woke them all
I pick up that tree, when it's not fall
I'm gone off that tree, when it's not tall
I'm in love with tree, I'm a avatar
I pick up a O from, my nigga Ralphy
My bro and me, but he is not alphy
Gone off that goo punch, it makes me drowsy
Roll up the windows, it makes it cloudy, Damnnn, if you ain't know
I made these girl night, smoke a paper and bowls
My ladies like blunts, hit 'em twice if not once
Then I blow 'em off and just pass 'em to my bros
Now catch you gettin' brain if a nigga not learnin'
I be spending money if a nigga not earnin'
Catch me in the backseat if I'm not stirrin'
And I be rollin' up if a nigga not burnin' boyy

I got five on it,
Have your bowl and get beat.
I got five on it,
Nohting with that endo weed,
I got five on it,
If you got me stuck and not go back,
I got five on it,
Now let's go hop outside.

[Chip Tha Ripper:]
You know a nigga like to stay at that cruising altitude up in the sky,
Try to f*ck with paper planes but it's not the same high Cleveland niggas ain't no bitches we prefer the cigarello smoke If you say it take away from taste then get some better smoke Cause this shit I blow can get smelt on the next block
Ain't no middle mans every thing you need is in stock
This gloc is all the security I need
I be solo dolo, when you see me blowing on some weed
Why speed, no need, I be just taking it slow
I be so clean, diesel over powers my cologne
Now all the bad bitches who blazed on shiftin' this way
Y'all just some white doves with leaves I am the sensai
Now bow to the bag never, save the best for last
When I come around niggas know to hurry up and pass
F*ck a dime sack, let's cop a quarter pound now
What the f*ck is you gon' put down?
Nigga I got five.


How wired, 6-4 hydraulics
Not stolen, lost my keys, I was high partna
F*ck you want? This the raw paper not a blunt
You must, got me mixed up with Chip cause, This Spitta
Zig zag a whole zip up, shit strong shoulda came with a bed pick up
Bitches calling me, wanna smoke beggin' for me to pick up
She blow me while I'm blowin' rings of that killa
That weed you smoking brown, fake weed to much make up, clown
Get real smoking green, strawberry fields
High standing up feelin' like I'm layin' down, couple bugee Judys came round
Actin' all stuck up, now they just stuck from smokin' with us
Had the hallway smellin', Is my windows opening enough?
I hear walkie talkies, Is security coming up?

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