Bill Phillips - Tall Oak Tree Lyrics

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Tall Oak Tree Lyrics
There was a tall oak tree that loved a bubblin' brook
And the bubblin' brook loved a mountain high
And the mountain high loved the sky above
The creator looked down and saw everything was loved loved loved

Then he took a bone and a piece of mud
He made a man and a woman to be flash and blood
When along came the devil from out of the ground
He tempted woman and that's spred sin all around all around all around

If she'd've left that apple on the apple tree
There'd be no tears and sorrow we'd live eternaly

And then along came man to burn the oak tree down
And now the bubblin' brook is a solid ground
And the mountain high don't stand so high
And there's a cloud of smoke that covers up a clear blue sky

There was a tall oak tree there was a tall oak tree
There was a tall oak tree

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