Billy "Crash" Craddock - Jeannie Norman Lyrics

Billy "Crash" Craddock Lyrics

Jeannie Norman Lyrics
It's been ten long and lonely years since I've been to my hometown
I saw fame and fortune which I finally found
Everyone at home they know me and say I'm a big man
The hometown boy that made good well he's back home again
But there's a face in my mem'ry that stands out from all the rest
The face of someone special the girl I still love best
I asked about Jeannie mom said she married yesterday
And please don't try to see her son it had to be this way
Then my eyes filled with tears as I turned back the years
To a love I once had she was mine
Jeannie Norman was her name Lord I'd give up all my fame
Just to hold Jeannie close one more time just to hold Jeannie close one more time

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