Billy "Crash" Craddock - Treat Her Right Lyrics

Billy "Crash" Craddock Lyrics

Treat Her Right Lyrics
I wanna tell you a story every man oughta know
If you want a little loving you gotta start real slow
She's gonna love you tonight now well if you just treat her right now
Ah squeeze her real tight you gotta make you feel good
Tell her that you love her like you know you should
And if you don't treat her right she won't love you tonight now
Hey hey hey hey alright you too much now oh play it children yeah uh
[ fiddle ]
Well if you practise my maintance just as hard as you can
You gonna get the reputation of the loving man now
And you'll be glad day and night that you'll treat her right now
One more time hey hey hey hey alright uh yeah you too much now hey
Hey hey hey hey alright uh alright baby
[ fiddle ]
(Oh play it children)

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