Blitzen Trapper Lyrics

Blitzen Trapper Lyrics

From the Album American Goldwing (2011) (buy at

American Goldwing
Love the Way You Walk Away

From the Album Destroyer Of The Void (2010) (buy at

The Man Who Would Speak True
Heaven And Earth
Lover, Leave Me Drowning

From the Album Furr (2008) (buy at
Sleepytime in the Western World
Gold For Bread
God & Suicide
Fire and Fast Bullets
Saturday Nite
Black River Killer
Not Your Lover
Love U
War On Machines
Stolen Shoes and a Rifle
Lady On the Water

From the Album Wild Mountain Nation (2007) (buy at

Wild Mountain Nation
Futures & Folly
Sci-fi Kid

Other Songs:
Echo/Always On/Easy Con
Fire & Fast Bullets
Going Down
Shoulder Full Of You

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