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Under Arrest Lyrics
The name on the list didn't fit the ID.
Following clues.
You can't hide homicide.
They answer the phone, tell me they're not at home.
I'm doing my best to tell you what I know.

Meet me in an hour.
I'll be on the corner.
I'll have on a trenchcoat, naturally.
You cannot avoid me.
I can be annoying.
When you least expect it - "answer the question now!"
Why inspector?
He's a fine detective.
Got his own perspective.
He's a lie detector.
Oh Heaven knows. Backtracking clues or any news on the scene.
In the right mood, sticking to my routine.
In dark day and night I'm like a machine.
It was someone he knew.
He let em in.
He got caught by a dirty doublecrosser capable of murder.
He's gonna be uncovered finally.
It's a full investigation and I'm very patient, working out the puzzle carefully.
You don't have to worry.
It could be scary.
Either "Hit me Harry" or a coronary.
Oh Heaven knows.

The face and the name didn't fit the ID.
The time and the place in evidence don't exist.
They wanna confess, and be blessed by the rope.
Hot on the scent finding only dead ends.
Now, the killer's out there.
Thinks he got away clear.
But he's not so clever.
He's going to the devil.
I'm setting up a rumour.
He's gonna walk into it, before he knows what happened.
I'm gonna grab him - tell me.
Why'd ya do it?
You're a pretty stupid jerk to try the heavy stuff.
You think your pretty tough.
Whoa, homicide.

You're under arrest, you're under arrest.
You're under arrest, you're under arrest.

Why'd ya do it?
You're pretty stupid.
The heavy stuff.
You're very tough.

You're under arrest.
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