Blue County - Firecrackers And Ferris Wheels Lyrics

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Firecrackers And Ferris Wheels Lyrics
I was sitting in my car the other night
Behind a couple of High School kids
Light turned green and they didn't go
They were locked in a red light kiss
Yeah, yeah, oh
Took me back to a long time ago
To a girl I used to know

And we were firecrackers and ferris wheels
Dipstick kisses and pink high heels
Cotton dresses and sun tan lines
Anf she was all mine, she was all mine
She was so fine
Yeah, and she was all mine

Spent a long summer waiting for the lights to turn green
It's been a long time since I had that dream
And looking back I think it's me I miss
The small town rebel and innocence
Yeah, yeah

And I was firecrackers and ferris wheels
Too wonderful, get the way that it feels
New black Thomas and Seers guitar
Sneaking into a smokey bar
The world was mine, it was so fine
Yeah, that world was all mine

I watched the cars go flying past
And man it all goes by so fast

Firecrackers and ferris wheels
Time is a thief that tries to steal
But nothing's gonna take these memories
They're always gonna be right here with me

Firecrackers and ferris wheels
Making out behind the football field
Cheap talk and perils flash past
A hundred miles an hour
Never, ever looking back
And it was so fine
It was fine, it was so fine, yeah
The world was all mine, it was so fine, yeah
I got miles and miles an' miles to go
The memories and the radio
Mine, it was all mine

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