Blue County - Hollywood, California Lyrics

Blue County Lyrics

Hollywood, California Lyrics
She had stars in her eyes
In her dreams every night
So she packed her bags and took a ride
Out to Hollywood
She took the town by storm
Another star was born
Now she don’t come back here to see us anymore
From Hollywood California

She’s up there on the silver screen
Her face in every magazine
They said she’d never make it but i knew she would
In Hollywood California
I wonder if she thinks of me
And how good we used to be
But then why would she when life’s so good
In Hollywood California

I thought for sure we’d settle down
Right her in our hometown
And find ourselves a little house and raise a family
Oh but she had other plans
She loved to sing and dance
And there’s just some things you can’t do here
That i guess you can
In Hollywood California


She called me last night
She said i know it’s past midnight
But could you be on the next flight

Cause i need you here
I need to feel you near
I’ve cried so many tears since i came
To Hollywood California
All of my sweetest dreams
They don’t mean anything
Oh, if you’re not here with me
In Hollywood California
Hollywood California

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