Blue County - That's Cool Lyrics

Blue County Lyrics

That's Cool Lyrics
Shootin’ dr. Pepper cans with your brand new red ryder
That old folding lawn chair makes the perfect x-wing fighter
Those no-name baseball cards spinning in your spokes
Now that’s cool

Turnin’ 17 and daddy loosens up the curfew
Drivin’ home at midnight that old buick smells like perfume
Making your own money, having coffee with your folks
Now that’s cool

Knowin’ where you’re goin’ embracin’ where you’ve been
Being criticized for standin’ strong in a battle you can’t win
Livin’ in a moment you may never see again
Let your heart break some rules
Now that’s cool

Wakin’ up with your new bride a room beside the ocean
10 years later goin’ back to relive that emotion
She tells you what she’s thinking but never says a word
Now that’s cool


The pitcher is your six year old, you’re his full time catcher
He gets a new bb gun and “you’ll put your eye out” lecture
Your 3 year old is singin’ the song that she just learned
Now that’s cool


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