Blue Highway - A Week From Today Lyrics

Blue Highway Lyrics

A Week From Today Lyrics
(Tim Stafford-Robert G. Starnes/Daniel House Music, BMI-It Says What It Says Music, BMI)

Time is a funny thing you know
No matter where you are it comes and goes
I've lived my life one day at a time
Time is all I've had and all I know

Home is a state of mind it's said
Four walls and a roof inside your head
To some it might seem strange,
but I'm too damn old to change
Now the warden says the state requires my bed

It's been fifty years since they sent me here
I had forty-nine more to go
But a week from today
They'll open this gate for good
And I'll have to walk away
But Lord knows I'd stay if I could

I won't last a day out there alone
This prison cell's the only home I've known
The world outside has changed,
but the one inside's the same
I'll have to find a way to get back home

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