Blue Highway - Tears Fell On Missouri Lyrics

Blue Highway Lyrics

Tears Fell On Missouri Lyrics
(Shawn Lane/Cat Town Music, BMI)

He called from Kansas City
He said I’m on the Missouri side
She said you had me worried
I was expecting you tonight
The silence that followed caused her heartbeat to race
so she got out a map, her hands trembling as she sat
for the next words he would say

Then her tears fell on Missouri
Like rain a-pourin’ down
he just called and told her
about a new love he’d found
the children lay a-sleepin’
they don’t know their daddy’s gone
and her tears fell on Missouri
from their little Georgia home

She said what about our babies
Don’t you remember the day
the doctor gave ’em to you
and your tears of joy fell on their face
you should’ve thought of their feelings ’cause it’s not just you and me alone
and what am I gonna say to our angels when they wake
and ask why dad’s not coming home


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